Dr. Deepika Gupta

Senior Clinical Psychologist


Tuesday 1:30pm - 8pm
Friday 8am - 2:30pm


Initial consultation (75 minutes): $400
Therapy sessions (50 minutes): $300
Medicare rebate: $137.05 p/session


Bachelor of Arts (Applied Psychology), Master of Arts (Psychology) PhD (Clinical Psychology)

A little about me

As a clinician with over 14 years of experience in the mental health and wellbeing space, I’ve been lucky enough to work across many cultures and countries. This has allowed me to develop a client-led, empathetic and eclectic approach that blends evidence-based practice with the intricacies of each person’s unique experience.

I focus on mutually setting goals with my clients – be it individuals or couples – using different therapeutic modalities to help them understand their triggers, patterns and ways they can grow. I believe that through the ups and downs of life, we need to preserve our dignity of life, which is why I work as a trauma-informed inclusive practitioner who empowers my clients to practice self compassion and build resilience in the face of day-to-day hassles. The past few years have been difficult for many of us who experienced loss, grief, and coping with change as the norm. I recognize the impact of this on existing mental health conditions, which is why I let my clinical research background guide my understanding of the best way to handle each unique condition and circumstance.

Having led the mental health and wellbeing strategy for Google across the Asia Pacific markets, I have extensive experience in the corporate world, working effectively with executives to enable them to prioritise wellbeing while striving for high performance. 

My areas of interest are

I work with

  • Adults
  • Couples 
  • Members of the LBGTQ+ community

I use


A bit more about me

What has working in and studying psychology taught you?
As much as individuals are impacted by their circumstances, they also have the capacity to influence their environment, improving their relationship with themselves and with what is around them. Therapy offers a safe space to explore these  vulnerabilities and build the pathways needed to support ourselves. 

What is your self-care ritual?
Does Netflix and chill sound bad?! I love going for long walks in silence, spending cozy evenings over board games with my family and having brunches with my girl friends! 

A fun fact about me
I packed up my life in 2 suitcases and relocated countries in the midst of the pandemic, taking a chance on myself!

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