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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT, is a form of psychotherapy aimed to combat present-time issues that has its foundations in problem solving. CBT aims to offer the necessary tools to acknowledge and identify unhelpful or painful thought patterns, assess whether or not they are realistic and, in doing so, alter responses to challenging situations. The skills and processes you learn through CBT can guide you through difficulties or problems that may arise in the future.

CBT typically involves a number of steps for a therapist to ascertain and treat an individual’s needs, including assessment, personal education, goal setting and practice of established strategies. CBT is also likely to require some form of homework to allow ourselves and our therapist to better understand our thinking and behaviour, which is essential to the course and effectiveness of the therapy. This could include keeping a diary, relaxation techniques, or breathing exercises, the purpose being to help us practice new strategies and develop new skills.

Cognitive behavioural therapy can be used to treat a number of issues, including:

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