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Face-to-face therapy

We would really like to see you face-to-face! We take every covid-19 safe precaution. Our purpose-built terrace features bright, white, calming spaces and carefully chosen furnishings. You will feel an immediate sense of calm upon entering the building. Life can be overwhelming, Mind Matters act as a sanctuary from all that noise. It’s not uncommon for clients of the practice to come in just a little bit earlier than needed, to relax and enjoy the reflective space Mind Matters provides them.

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For your convenience we offer telehealth (video call) appointments and phone appointments in addition to in-person consultations, so you don't have to compromise your health, your comfort or your time to take care of your mental wellbeing. When you book, simply let our lovely team know if you'd like either of those options as an alternative to a face-to-face appointment.

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Individual Therapy

Our psychologists are available for individual therapy with children, adolescents and adults. One-on-one therapy allows for our psychologists to provide support through knowledge in a non-judgmental capacity; the point of therapy is to learn about ourselves and hopefully create positive change as a result. Many therapists will encourage their clients’ to view change as a “shift” – in perspective, in energy, or in attention.

Psychologists can help us understand beliefs and behaviours that we may not be aware of, helping us think about them from an outside perspective and thus helping us gain insight into how we are interacting with others and the world around us. Therapy is an empowering experience where we gain a greater understanding and awareness of ourselves and what we are capable of. By fostering change within therapy, we avoid feeling like life is “happening to us” and instead feel we can take control.


NDIS is an Australia-wide scheme that assists people with a disability, including a psychosocial disability. People with a disability that significantly impacts their life and is likely to be permanent, may qualify for NDIS support.

A psychosocial disability is a disability arising from a mental health condition. A psychosocial disability can result in difficulties doing everyday things such as banking, shopping and looking after yourself. A psychosocial disorder can be severe and longstanding and significantly impact on your life.

At Mind Matters we are able to support those who are self and plan managed participants through National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our experienced psychologists can tailor evidenced based therapies to address your NDIS treatment goals. In order to access NDIS services through Mind Matters we will need to see a copy of your NDIS plan. We do not charge a gap for NDIS services.

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