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Mindfulness is a state of being where one is deliberately and completely aware of their thoughts, emotions and experiences – free from distraction or judgement. Mindfulness in therapy allows us to become attuned to and connected with bodily sensations, cognitions and feelings, and thus enables us to accept them without being controlled or heavily influenced by them.

Mindful practices – such as meditation – can be incorporated into therapies and aim to teach us how to break away from unhelpful or negative thought patterns that can cause us to spiral into a depressive state. It can become incredibly easy for our thoughts to accumulate and spiral – often without us being completely aware of the build up. Mindfulness invites us to become aware of that accumulation, and allows us to separate ourselves from negative thought patterns, emotions, and bodily sensations that would otherwise become overwhelming or harmful.

Some of the problems mindfulness can address (by relieving symptoms of mental health concerns and physical pain) include:

By achieving this state of awareness, it is often easier for us to embrace other therapeutic strategies and emotional healing.

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