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Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

The core practice and messaging of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT, is derived from the name itself; accept what is out of your control and commit personal action to improve and change what is. It operates on the basis that while there will be inevitable (and unavoidable) pain throughout life, there are ways we can still exist happily and even embrace these pitfalls.

ACT aims to teach us to stop avoiding, denying and struggling with our emotions and instead, accept that they are appropriate responses to certain situations. ACT is an extension of mindfulness, where mindful practices and skills are divided into four subsets: acceptance, cognitive defusion (a method used to create space between ourselves and our thoughts), contact with the present moment, and the observing self. One of the core beliefs of ACT is that we shouldn’t aim to reduce or abolish our symptoms, but rather perceive them as harmless transient psychological factors and events – and as a byproduct of this, they will be reduced.

By relinquishing the power of painful thoughts, feelings and self-talk, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy creates a more mindful approach to dealing with stress, issues and hardships.

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