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Drugs come in both legal and illegal forms. The use of them is a common behaviour, and can be harmless in some settings – we tend to use substances that help us in some way, whether it be increasing pleasure or decreasing emotional or physical pain.

Using harmful substances in our daily lives can become problematic, negatively impacting our wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of those around us. Drugs and alcohol alter the chemical balance in our brains that affect our ability to think, feel, create and make decisions.

Addiction can affect many different age groups and demographics and can encompass a number of factors – from addictions to alcohol and drugs to gambling or video games.

Signs that substance use, gambling or video gaming may have become a problem can include, but are not limited to, unsuccessful attempts at quitting, difficulty meeting responsibilities, using more than intended, use of the substance or activity as a coping mechanism, or feeling sick or moody without the substance or activity.

If you have identified a problem and a need for help, we can help take you the rest of the way by aiding you in identifying and managing factors that contribute to your substance use as well as pinpointing alternative ways to cope.

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