Amanda McRae

Team Lead/Senior Psychologist


Wednesday 7.30am - 3pm
Thursday 11am - 6pm


Initial consultation (75 minutes): $410
Therapy sessions (50 minutes): $310
Medicare rebate: $93.35 p/session


Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Master of Psychology (Forensic) AHPRA Board Approved Supervisor

A little about me 

My career has seen me spend more than 15 years working with children and adolescents through difficult stages of their lives. From this, I have gained extensive knowledge and understanding of child development, attachment and the difficulties parents can experience in raising their children. I often joke with my clients about how great it would be to have a parenting handbook to help us through our struggles- although I am not a handbook, I am passionate about helping families to improve whatever difficulties they may be experiencing.

I am also passionate about helping people navigate through experiences of trauma. Past experiences can be difficult to keep in the past and my focus of intervention is to help people understand what is happening inside their bodies and minds and find ways to help them move towards living their preferred lives. 

My approach to therapy prioritises helping clients with the things they would like to be different in their lives. I work collaboratively with clients to identify treatment goals and directions and strongly believe in tailoring treatment modalities to match the needs of the client. Having trust is critical to a therapeutic relationship and I hope my open and warm nature as well as my quirky and self deprecating humour helps to establish this.

My areas of interest are 

I work with 

I use 

A bit more about me
What has working in and studying psychology taught you?
“To admire the strength and resilience people have to adapt to life’s difficulties.”

What is your self-care ritual? 
“Regular pilates, activities that engage the mind and setting realistic expectations for what I can achieve in my work.”

A fun fact about me is… 
“I am currently learning French.”

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