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Solution Focused Therapy

Solution focused therapy concentrates on finding present-time solutions to problems and looking to one’s hopes for the future to come to a quick resolution. Solution focused therapy puts emphasis on the fact that we often already know what we need to do to improve our lives, but aims to help us realise and find the best solutions through coaching, questioning and goal setting.

This therapy is largely based around goal setting and the step-by-step process involved to reach the identified goal. It also aims to demonstrate to clients their resilience and the different ways they are capable of coping – many of which they are likely already using without their acknowledgement. By asking us to describe our ideal scenario where our issues don’t exist, we are able to, with the help of a therapist, identify small and practical steps that we can immediately take.

Solution focused therapy is often used to address issues within individuals, family units, and couples, but can also be useful to aid problems within a school or workplace.


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