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Have difficulty concentrating?

Feel disconnected or overwhelmed?

Find it hard to fall and stay asleep?

Have low or flat mood?

Find it difficult to relax?

Experience low energy?

Everyone faces challenges in day-to-day life, but sometimes life can become overwhelming and complicated.

anxiety • worries • depression • mania • trauma • sleep disorders • confidence & self esteem relationships • bullying • eating disorders • assertiveness training • grief and loss • stress schema therapy • family of origin work • cognitive behavioural therapy (cbt) • drug and alcohol

Mind Matters is home to a team of experienced clinical psychologists.

It’s important for you to seek help and support when you feel overwhelmed and develop necessary coping mechanisms to help you tackle life’s ups and downs.

Mind Matters is a clinical psychology practice in Bondi Junction that specialises in empowering people to achieve emotional growth and a balanced life by arming them with the knowledge and skills needed to take charge and create desired changes. Contact us today to find out how therapy can benefit you.

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Gain insight and better understanding into how to combat unhelpful patterns resulting in positive changes and greater resilience.

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