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Claire is currently enrolled in a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology at Monash University, after having completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney. 

Her thesis is about the disclosure of personal struggles to a friend or family member and its relationship with rumination and post-traumatic growth, as well as investigating whether a fear of receiving compassion from others influences these relationships. Previously, Claire worked in administration for psychiatrists which is where her acute understanding of the intertwined relationship between psychology and psychiatry comes from.

A little about me

What has studying psychology taught you?
“That small, seemingly insignificant changes can have drastic and long-lasting effects on an individual’s well-being.”

What is your self-care ritual?
“Going back to the country for long weekends on the farm, going for walks or swims in the ocean, and baking.”

A fun fact about me is…
“I grew up on a cattle property, I was a rowing coach for five years, I am a lover of mini dachshunds and German pointers!”

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